specguard Corporation SP-08 - Sprayothane - Commercial Grade Plural Component Polyurea Coating

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Sprayothane (SP-08)

Commercial Grade Plural Component Polyurea Coating

Product Overview

Our SPRAYOTHANE series of commercial grade plural component polyurea coating systems are designed for high performance commercial applications.

These systems are available in a variety of reaction speeds. Applications include encapsulation, lining, coating, for commercial, mining and marine applications.

Product Features

Dual Reactivity Speeds

SPRAYOTHANE is available in slow and fast set formulations.

Excellent Adhesion

SPRAYOTHANE adheres to many types of substrates including cement, metal, foam and wood.

Environmentally Friendly

SPRAYOTHANE is a non-solvent based polyurea coating that will not leech residual materials into the environment.

Hydrolysis Resistance

SPRAYOTHANE hydrolitic stability is exceptionally high and it is also highly resistant to water.


Industrial Tank Lining


Roadway Sealing