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Expandomatic (SG-EXP)

Lightweight Plural Component Urethane Coating
Expandomatic lightweight plural component urethane roof coating .

Product Overview

specguard EXPANDOMATIC is an expanding waterproofing spray-applied Polyurea coating system that creates a tough and flexible waterproofing membrane that fully adheres to the existing roof.

This is a tough durable product designed to seal and rejuvenate most types of existing roofs by expanding over and sealing them creating a tough, waterproof coating eliminating the need to tear off and replace.

Application is 2.5 gallons per square and expanding formula rises to 200-250 mils thick.

Product Features

Lightweight & Waterproof

EXPANDOMATIC is a lightweight, expanding waterproofing spray that rises up to 250 mils and seals existing roofs.

Ponding Water Protection

EXPANDOMATIC creates a durable waterproof membrane that stands up to ponding water.


EXPANDOMATIC is designed to rejuvenate existing roofs eliminating the need to tear off and replace.

Excellent Bonding

EXPANDOMATIC bonds to all kinds of exisiting roof materials, making rejuvenation of almost any roof possible.



specguard’s Cap Sheet Roofing applies the SG-54 polyester base coat along with a second coat that also has embedded polyester.


specguard's Metal Roof System creates a protective acrylic barrier that seals moisture out and keeps metal roofs from from wind and rain damage.


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